July 4, 2011

I Redesigned This Blawg...

When I first started this blog, less than a year and a half ago, I had about as much web design experience as this chinchilla:

"I made a GeoCities site about UFOs. It was totally rad!"

My original, dark blue design conformed entirely to an existing blogger template. But for some reason, I did not like it. Perhaps it was too dark. Perhaps it was too compartmentalized.

...in any case, it looked like shit.

I soon decided that I would design a more unique and captivating blog. So, with a basic knowledge of HTML and no understanding of CSS, I set out on a journey of discovery that would consume many, many hours of my boring, insane life.

First I made some simple structural adjustments:

Miraculously, even with limited knowledge of code, I managed to keep the blog functionally intact. With this small victory, I charged forth with reckless abandon, making a plethora of changes to the appearance and structure of the blog— most of which were unnecessary.

Over the course of so many edits, I began to screw up the code, and a lot of issues began to arise. I was also becoming increasingly aware of just how shitty the whole thing looked.

It was time for a complete reset.

As luck would have it, I had recently completed a "Principles of Web Design" course at Cal Poly SLO, so I finally had a solid grasp of both the technical and the conceptual aspects of web design.

Armed with knowledge and determination, I went back to the drawing board and created a brand new look for the Bored and Insane blog— it's now cleaner, brighter, and better!


  1. It's great man! Love your work on Cracked BTW. The Killer Whale chart had me laughing out loud for minutes!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. =)